FG Career Optimisation Program

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Proven formulas to pass interviews and obtain offers more easily.
(Experienced by 400+ graduates)

We help recent graduates and graduate-to-be to gain career clarity and achieve their career goals

Gain career clarity and direction

Know what you want for your career and

how to get there

Commitment free

No contract is required

Start high in your career

More career choices in the future

Are you struggling with below:

  • lacking industry/ job knowledge 

  • feeling lost. Do not know which area/ industry is suitable for me

  • not performing well in aptitude test and hence having very few interview opportunities

  • not getting through the initial screening because of inadequate experience

  • not performing well in individual or group interviews and hence not being able to get through to the next round of assessment

  • currently in the job position not suitable for you

Featured in Hong Kong Economic Times & SkyPost

Achieved above 85% satisfaction rate | Trusted by 400 graduates

What can the free career consultation do for you?


We'll introduce you the major career fields (E.g. requirement, duties & prospects) in Hong Kong and advise you the career field(s) most suitable for you based on your qualification and preferences. 


You'll receive step-by-step guide in order to break into the career field(s)/ secure the offer we suggest for you.


You'll receive concrete advice on how to improve your documents (i.e. CV/ LinkedIn) and interview skills.


You'll know about the latest trend/ update in the job market and various career fields.

What did our Career Program Grads say?

Career Experts​

Mr. Steven L.

Specializes in Com and Corp Bank Front Office & Back Office

• 4+ years of global bank (Blue chip & Corporate finance) sales and compliance experience

• Secured 7+ MT/ analyst/ advisory offers from major banks, regulatory bodies and Big Fours

• Coached 300+ students in the past 3 years to obtain offers from FIs including Standard Chartered, DBS, Citibank, HSBC, BoC etc.

Specializes in Property and Interview training

• 3+ years of property management in a listed property developer

Mr. James W.

Mr. Aiden C.

Specializes in Global Market Sales & Trading/

Asset Management/ Private Banking

• 7+ years of FICC sales experience in major investment banks
• Coached students to secure offers from Goldman Sachs, HSBC, UBS, JP Morgan etc.
• Frequent speaker of Career Sharing Seminar at universities

Ms. Ellie C., Editor, Career Consultaant

• 2+ years of Recruitment experience at Alpha Rios Recruitment and other international recruitment agency

• 4+ years of CV/ Cover Letter advising and editing experience in HKCareers
• Manages marketing activities and operations for various business lines of HKCareers

If you want to make positive changes to your career, sign up for the consultation for our FG Career Program Now!

Invest in yourself. You’ll be amazed by all the positive changes in your career planning. “If you don’t like where you are, move. You’re not a tree.”


After signing the form, our career consultant will contact you for a phone/ face-to-face consultation. (Commitment-free)

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