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Fast track to your high flying career in Investment Banking, Banking, Advisory/ Consulting, Property/Conglomerate

Mentored 1000+ grads since 2014 | 70+ professional coaches | Countless Success Stories across HK, Singapore & London

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We help university students and graduates to start a finance career in London!

Investment Banking

  • Investment Banking Division

  • Global Market (Sales & Trading)

  • Wealth Management

  • Asset Management

  • Risk Management

  • Compliance

  • Operations

  • Finance

General Banking & Financial Services

  • Commercial/ Corporate Bank

  • Retail Bank & Wealth Management

  • Private Equity/ Venture Capital

  • Insurance

  • Regulators/ Credit Rating Companies


  • IT Consulting

  • Management Consulting/ Strategy Consulting

  • M&A/ Financial Consulting

The London Coaching Program will help you to:

Acquire a London-based fund house internship opportunity

Master the internship/ grad job market landscape in London and devise a strategic application plan to secure your ideal offer(s)

Master all assessment stages (ranging from aptitude test to final round interviews) and get customized guidance for passing each stage

Drastically improve your interview skills and technical knowledge through a series of personalized practices and on-demand training sessions

The offers included but not limited to...

Volunteer Advisor
Miss Farah -
(Expertise: Sales & Trading)

How the Coaching Program will help you to break into the financial industry in London?

IBank Bank Careers Coaching

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London Coaching Program

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If you want to land your dream job in London, sign up for career coaching NOW!

Please understand that filling in this form DOES NOT mean that you are automatically enrolled into our program. Our coaching program involves a screening process. 

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Phone: +852 3689 6370 | WhatsApp: +852 6702 9911

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