• Ellie Chun

Announcement regarding MS and GS Video Interviews

Dear all, For MS and GS Video Interview, we realised the database is huge. We are doing our best to constantly update the database but please be aware that:

1. For GS, you have to prepare the master database as it is not single division specific e.g. if you apply for PB, GM and compliance, they will have 1 divisional specific question from each division and then the other 4-5 from a master behaviour questions bank. So it is not possible to be lazy or just want to prep a few questions and then expect 100% same as source just like JPM, BOA, HSBC, SC and Bloomberg etc.

2. For MS, you can prepare divisional specific source, say like if you apply for equity there is no need to prep IBD or GCM source. But they have more than 1 set questions per division. We are doing the best to update as many as possible but please review not just this year's updated question but also view last year's set and also master set. Thanks for your attention!

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