• Ellie Chun

*HKCareers Student Portal Update*

We’ve uploaded the SHL aptitude test database to the student portal: SHL (also know as CEB) is a basic and commonly used apt test system. Most of the apt test systems you find on the market have more or less use the SHL system as a reference when developing. Therefore, practicing SHL can help you ace the other apt test systems as well. Take a few hours to practise SHL this weekend and you won't regret doing so!😉 (Your login is your Email)


Remember why you joined our career program? It’s because you want to achieve your career goal.

We’ve prepared the resources for you and we sincerely hope you could make the best use of it. However, if you don’t invest your time, there’s limited things we can do.

Therefore, act now! Reserve your time and attend the course. We’re always here for you.🙂

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