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Important Announcement regarding HSBC

Dear Student,

It is our normal practice to directly send you all the apt test/ interview sources and recordings. However, the only exception one is HSBC Job Simulation source, due to certain issues, from tomorrow onward, we are unable to send you directly the HSBC Job Simulation source and briefing recording. What we will do instead is arrange some *live* online briefing sessions to *show you the source and brief you in live Our source is very useful for HSBC job sim so YOU MUST attend the sessions*.

As HSBC job simulation is quite difficult to pass and if you pass it, you will reach the final stage of interview. So you need to prepare it in advance instead of only prepare for it after you received job simulation invitation. Therefore we arrange fixed timeslots on a daily basis and you can register and attend the briefing session based on the division you applied for. *You should register for it after / before finishing the immersive apt test. *

Registration Link:

For HSBC, although you can only apply 1 position per year. But Co-op and Winter Apprenticeship program is separated from Summer Internship/ Summer Analyst program. *So it is perfectly fine to apply for Summer + Winter apprenticeship/ Co-op*

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