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How non-finance students could step into Banking / Investment Banking field? Is it possible?

We have some students studying non-finance, or even non-BBA programs and you guys always ask me a question: Do I really stand a chance? Or what should I do?

Besides applying for less technical positions/divisions, such as operations or other back office positions, digital/product in retail banking etc, you can also try improving your finance knowledge by taking some online courses. If you search corporate finance on Coursera, you will find there are a lot of online courses which are quite cheap (only a few hundred HKD) and you can equip yourself with basic finance knowledge.

In addition, banking is a huge world, you need to first be able to differentiate retail banking, commercial banking, corporate banking, sales & trading, private banking, IBD etc. Know what different divisions and what different roles are about. We will roll out more banking and IB introductory courses soon. So stay tuned and if you want to know more information in advance, please be more active in the WhatsApp group !!!

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