• Ellie Chun

Message from Coach

Dear all,

As you can see from the weekly job updates, HSBC has kicked off both internship and grad program recruitment for this year. For HSBC, there is no rush for you to apply immediately as they just opened 2 days ago.

However, you are encouraged to apply in 1 - 2 weeks time, do NOT only apply 1-2 weeks before the deadline, it will be too late and there is a chance that you may not receive interview invitation at all as the application is on rolling basis.

This year they seem changed division structure:

1️⃣ They seem combined digital retail with normal retail program.

2️⃣ They have corporate banking prog which I believe is similar to global banking prog last year. 3️⃣ They included securities service into global market (S&T)

4️⃣ Other divisions such as commercial bank, private bank etc seem remain the same.

❗Remember for HSBC, you can only submit application for one division (for a specific time period).


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