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Why Studying / Preparing for FinTech-related topics are essential? (No matter what positions you are going to apply in 2021)

In 2019/2020, more than half of the business cases used in AC are related to Fintech/technology e.g. Citibank, JPM, HSBC😯. In addition, tech-related questions are asked in IBD/S&T/PB/Asset management, CMB/Corp Bank, property, aviation.... pretty much all different industries.

The companies do not ask you very in-depth IT questions for non-IT roles, but they constantly ask if you are familiar with the fintech/tech trend and how these initiatives / trend affect the industry/firm/division, also your view on the future tech development/ initiatives in the industry.

Attached below is a tech/fintech report for your reference. For some hot topics such as crypto, blockchain, AI and machine learning, you have to understand the concept as well as how it affects the positions you are applying.

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20200702 CB-Insights_Fintech-Report-Q1-2
Download • 9.77MB

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