• Ellie Chun

Message from Coach - Monthly Focus Job Highlights 20200908

Dear students🙂,

After clicking into our weekly job updates excel, and viewing the long and comprehensive list, do you feel like you're going to get lost in the hundreds and thousands of job openings and don't know where to start with? If that's how you're feeling, then you should probably listen to the below voice recording from our head coach regarding the monthly focus job highlight! Both job openings for Hong Kong and Singapore will be covered in this Monthly Focus Job Highlights!

*This recording might be a bit long but we cover all the essential tips and knowledge you need to know to apply for all major iBanks, Banks, Big 4, Property and Conglomerates and even regulators, so you surely don't want to miss the details.*

Press "Play" ▶️ before you forget about it! #achievewithus

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