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*Aptitude Test Bootcamp to help you pass every Online Tests (Personality Test, Aptitude Test and Gamification)*

While we suggest you kick off your internship/ grad job application in August/ September, it’s crucial to train up your skills in doing various assessment, including aptitude tests

Normally, you’ll be required to do the tests soon after you submit the application. If you can’t pass through this round, you’ll NEVER proceed to the interview stage. So, this is really important.

We’ve prepared a 5-hour aptitude test bootcamp to equip you with the essential knowledge and skills to pass this round.

Key takeaways:

-Step-by-step Practice Guide & Top Tips on Personality Test

-Scoring Method of Major Aptitude Test Systems, including SHL, Grade Ace, Talent Q

-Step-by-step Practice Guide on: Verbal Questions, Numerical Questions, Logical Questions

- Game Assessment

- Other Question Types including CAPP, PI and Kenexa

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