• Ellie Chun

*Reminder on Application Status*

Dear students, Please be reminded that the application status Excel is just for your personal reference (you can find the link in your WhatsApp group description). The info shown in level of difficulty and open/close columns are *NOT* accurate, e.g. we may assign level 4 difficult to some firms but based on your profile it may not be that difficult, and some firms stated "closed" in the form may indeed have opening now. You should always refer to our *weekly jobs update* and ask in WhatsApp group if you have doubt whether you should apply for certain firm or certain division.


For apt test / interview source request, there is no need to tell us what interview or apt test you get via WhatsApp group. *When you receive apt test or VI or interview, please directly fill in source request form ( )* .

Unless you are not sure about what is the assessment that you received and you have questions to ask. Thank you ☺️

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