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Updated schedule for next week's AC and BQ trainings

✅CV/ Behavioural & AC practices:

Click the link below to register a session for next week:

▶️This week, let's work on "The CV-Based and Behavioural Qs You Need to Know for passing JPM and UBS Interviews Q21-30"😎

▶️NEW AC Case for next week: Week 3 Travel (see the details below) .

✅Weekly Job Update: We will send the updated list to you as attachment in the email. Let us know if you haven't received it (RMB to click into the excel for the full list! The job list on weekly email is Not the full list) .

✅Weekly News and Market Report:

Have a question in mind? Reach out to us in the WhatsApp Group 😊


⏰Warning: You should never share any part of the documents / resources in the program to anyone. This is stated in the program service agreement under the confidentiality section. Potential charge may incur if it’s found that the resources are leaked to anyone outside the program. Thanks for your cooperation!

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