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You're just 60 minutes away from a high performing CV that passes the recruiter's 6 second rule.


What's the point of being the high performing asset that you are, if your CV and Cover Letter don't tell that story? 


We know your time's precious. Get 1 hour CV and Cover Letter consultation (via personal meeting/Phone/Skype) with our expert editor, and let them work their magic! Your polished CV and CL will be ready in 3 days' time!



Over 90% recruiters vet candidates for senior roles through LinkedIn. A lacklustre profile that doesn't pop up in their search results may be the reason why you're not working in your dream company right now.


Let's talk about how you can optimize your LinkedIn profile so it can bring you the great offers you didn't even apply for! Your well-constructed Linkedin Profile will be ready in 3 days' time!



We go the whole mile with you. Don't set yourself up for failure by thinking interviews are just about tapping into your network and preparing technical questions. 

You need to be ready to handle those tricky questions.


Brush up your presentation and interview skills to leave a powerful impression that makes you stand out- and gets you the gig. 


  USD 489