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Fast track to your high flying career in Investment Banking, Banking, Advisory/ Consulting, Property/Conglomerate

Mentored 1000+ grads since 2014 | 70+ professional coaches | Countless Success Stories in HK, Singapore & London

Achieve with us

We have prepared various career resources, covering Investment Banking, Banking, Property, Conglomerates and Accounting. You can download for free by signing the form. All resources will be sent on Monday.

1. CV Samples of TOP Students

3 sets of CV Samples customized by our career experts for banking & business field

2. Internship Salary Guide (April 2020)

An excel with salary details of 100+ internships


3. Graduate Jobs Salary List (April 2020) 

An excel with salary details of 100+ graduate jobs

4. Big 4 Interview Booklet 

A booklet of consolidated popular interview questions for Big 4s

5. Banking Interview Booklet 

A booklet with more than 50 consolidated interview questions for Banking

6. Property and Conglomerate Interview Booklet 

A booklet of consolidated popular interview questions for Property and Conglomerate

7. Guidebook to Win Any Case Competition

Winning strategies compiled from interviewing 10+ students who won major consulting case competitions recently

8. Investment Banking Technical Question Booklet

Technical questions:

1) Investment Banking Division 

2) Sales and Trading/ Global Market Equity  

3) Private Banking/ Asset Management


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