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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long is the program?
    The program will last approximately for one year. It will commence on the date the student enrolls and ends on 31st July the following year. We offer flexibility for students to renew the program.
  • How is the coaching program delivered?
    For weekly practices, we have online sessions. For customised CV/ Career consultations, most of them are online. For materials sharing/ briefing recording, it would be shared through online channels.
  • Which program is suitable for me? (Premium or VIP?)
    We design the Premium & VIP Coaching Program to cater for students with different needs. The Training Program provides all the resources a student would need to secure an offer. The Coaching Program (Premium/ VIP) provides additional guided briefing sessions (delivered by an experienced coach in the industry) to help a student to prepare for each of his/ her upcoming interviews. Students who are in the Premium career training program can upgrade to the VIP Coaching Program.
  • When can I upgrade to Coaching Program (VIP)?
    We will accept upgrades when the recruitment season opens (normally from July onwards) each year.
  • Is there screening process for the programs?
    Yes. We conduct screening based on the student's profile and career goals. We also assess the language proficiency and presentation skills of the students. We only accept students whom we are confident in helping them to achieve their career goals to maintain the training and coaching quality.
  • Who is suitable for the coaching program?
    The coaching program is suitable for penultimate year students, final year students and fresh graduates who are passionate about developing a future career in Investment Banking, Banking, Buyside, Property, Conglomerates, Advisory, Auditing and Tax in Hong Kong. To be eligible for our program: - You have to have a genuine desire to get into top-tier business/ finance jobs in Hong Kong - You should be in your penultimate year or final year of study. Or you can be be a fresh graduate with less than 1 year of full-time work experience. - You must be willing to put in effort and hard work on career training and improving your interview skills and technical knowledge. Non-Business students and overseas students who fulfill the above requirements are also eligible.
  • What does the coaching program include?
    CV & Cover Letter refining to dramatically increase your chance for an interview Our experienced career coaches will help you to enhance your CV. Your CV will catch the eye of a recruiter and will tell a compelling story about your strengths Weekly Assessment Centre Practice You will attend weekly Assessment Centre practice sessions led by our coaches with 50+ business analysis cases used by major corporations. We will then teach you and give you feedback about how to ace each assessment center task such as role play, team games, and business case analysis. Weekly Behavior Questions Practice You will attend weekly Behavior and CV-based interview training which will cover all commonly-asked interview questions. Structured Online Courses to tell you the job application strategies We will tell you the latest headcount information and Management Program details for major industries such as property management, banking and big4s for you to formulate your application strategies. We will also tell you the best ways to answer the general interview questions which will appear in initial round interviews. Interview Questions Database, Guided Briefing Sessions & Mock-in to prepare for all your interviews Whenever you have HR/Video/Panel/individual Interviews, we will send you the past papers of respective companies. Our database consists of most past interview questions that most of the major corporations in HK used recent years. We will send you the briefing recording from experienced coach to tell you the questions that are likely to come up during actual interview, suggestions for ways to answer and all the industry/position specific/ technical knowledge involved. Customized WhatsApp coaching service to clear all your doubts in job hunting Our WhatsApp coaching service is available from Monday to Sunday, 10am to 8pm. We promise to answer all the career related questions from our students with our best effort at your convenience. Weekly Job Update to ensure you apply to the right jobs Every week, our team will email you a job list that we will consolidate from various sources. Just follow our job update and you will know all the jobs you should apply for Weekly News & Invesment Update to make sure you know the recent news related to your interviews Apt Test Database to help you pass We have an aptitude test question bank with over 3000 questions similar to the ones used by major organizations. You will gain access to our test bank after joining us
  • What industries and companies does the coaching program cover?
    We cover all companies in the below industries: Investment Banking Investment Banking Division Global Market/ Sales and Trading Private Banking Asset Management Compliance Risk Management Technology Operations Finance Retail, Commercial and Corporate Banking FMCG Property Development/ Management Advisory, Auditing and Taxation ConsultingOther Conglomerates
  • What qualifications do the coaches have?
    You can refer to coaching team. Please understand that most of our coaches are still in the market and therefore are able to provide industry insider information. And for this reason, it is not convenient to disclose certain details.
  • Does the program have any success stories?
    You can refer to testimonials.
  • Is HKCareers an agent?
    We are not an agent. We are a career coaching company that provides all-rounded trainings and tremendous support on CV/ Cover Letter, technical knowledge and interview skills so that students can get into Investment Banking, Banking, Property, Conglomerates etc. Although we have a connected company providing recruitment services to various companies in the financial sector, the services it provides are totally separate from the coaching program and internship program provided by HKCareers.
  • Do I need to commit a lot of hours to the program?
    Our coaching consists of regular practices and customised coaching support. For regular practice (onsite/ online), you only need to devote 1-2 hours a week during the job searching season. For customised coaching, it depends on how many interviews you have.
  • What kind of materials will students receive for their interview preparation?
    For your interview preparation, you will receive the interview past paper/ industry or firm research report/ technical materials (E.g. product list, regulation update etc.) and receive a briefing recording from an industry professional, which outlines the firm-and-role-specific tips and guidance on tackling the interview questions.
  • Is there a limit on the coaching resources that students can request?
    Students can request as many resources as they need to handle all the interviews that they may have with corporations.
  • What is the case interview practice about?
    We organise regular group interview practices on typical business cases used by investment banks, banks, conglomerates, Big 4s and other companies. 6-9 students will form a group and the practice is guided by a coach. Each session is 1.5-2 hours. The practices may involve role plays, team games, case discussions etc.
  • What type of cases will be used in the practice?
    We use the business cases similar to the ones used by Investment Banks, Banks, Conglomerates and the Big Four.
  • Is there a limit to the Case Interview Practice that students can participate in?
    There is not a limit. We encourage students who perform poorly in the practice to come more often until they master the case interview.
  • How often is the practice organised?
    We organise the case interview practice on a weekly basis. It is usually planned on either weekday evenings and weekend afternoons. There are online and onsite versions. Online practice is for students who study overseas or who are on exchange. Onsite practice is at our office in Wan Chai.
  • Will I receive feedback for the practice?
    Yes. A coach will assess the performance of the entire team and will give you concrete feedback so that you can know how to improve next time.
  • What does the behaviour practice include?
    The behavior practice covers the CV-based, competency, aspiration interview questions. During the session, the coach will review the students' scripts and provide concrete feedback for them to improve.
  • How is the practice organised?
    The practice will be mostly conducted online through a mobile App and sometimes onsite at our office.
  • How often can I amend my documents?
    When a student gets newly enrolled in the program, we will schedule a 1- hour consultation session to review all your relevant documents, namely CV and Cover Letter. We will ask you about the details on the experiences and make changes together. If a student has new experiences, he/ she can submit the CV to our team for amendment. There is no limit on how many times a student can request to amend the documents.
  • Can I amend a few versions of CVs for different job applications?
    Yes. This is totally fine. Students have to make drafts for different versions of their documents and submit to our editing team for amendment.
  • Who will amend the documents?
    Our CV editing team - Ellie and Akanksha.
  • What is WhatsApp Coaching?
    You can get answers to any questions related to career planning such as interviews, Apt test, applications etc. on WhatsApp. Also, if you need further resources, you can also send us requests via WhatsApp.
  • What is the weekly job update?
    Each week, students will receive a list of grad job/ internships available for their applications. This is helpful in terms of saving students' time in searching for jobs online.
  • What is the coaching resources folder?
    Students will have access to a comprehensive coaching resources folder where they can find Aptitude Test Training, Industry updates, recording/ notes (Investment Banking, Banking, Property and Big Four), Technical materials, Firm Lists (Boutique investment banks, asset management firms, 2nd tier account firms), templates on various documents (e.g. CV, Cover Letter, Thank You Letter, Reference Letter, Cold Email) etc.
  • What is the weekly news update?
    Each week, you will receive an email summarising the breaking news from various industries in the past week.
  • What is the fee?
    Please contact Ellie (Whatsapp : + 852 6702 9911) to know more.
  • How to define a decent offer?
    If you receive internship/ graduate trainee/ management trainee offers from this firm list, it is defined as a decent offer.
  • If I receive multiple offers in a year, how to count the decent offer?"
    We will only count the one you accept and engage. We only count one offer per year no matter how many offers you accept and engage.
  • How long is the coaching program?
    The program will last approximately for one year to cover the full recruitment season and therefore you'll get supoport from application to offer selection. We also offer flexibility to students to renew the coaching program after one year.
  • If I already have a return offer from a company upon joining, what will the fee be?"
    If a student has already obtained an offer before joining the coaching program, we will have a special condition: - If the student receives a MT/ GT offer from these companies under our coaching and decides to accept it, the fee will be normal. - If the student does not receive a MT/ GT offer from these companies under our coaching and decides to engage with the return offer he/ she already had upon joining, he/ she does not need to pay the major fee.
  • What if I reject all offers in the end?
    We handle this situation on a case by case basis: - If the student rejects all offers and decides to pursue a Masters degree, he/ she will not need to pay the one month salary in the end as we believe the offers are not satisfactory and this is the reason why he/ she has choosen to study further. - If the student receives an offer/ multiple offers from these corporations and chooses to start his/ her own business or work at his/ her family's business or in other fields, we will charge the one month salary of the offer he/ she obtains under our coaching as we have fulfilled our obligation to provide coaching and achieve the promised result. The student's choice to run a start-up or pursue another career path in this situation will not influence/ change our due.
  • Is there limited or unlimited headcount for the coaching program?
    We have limited headcounts for the coaching program to ensure coaching quality and exclusivity on the coaching content. . Therefore, the program is selective. We will assess the students' expectation and profile. We will accept the diligent candidates whom we believe we can help to successfully achieve their expectations/ career goals.
  • What is the application procedure?
    You can fill in the coaching sign- up form. After that, our team will contact you for a phone consultation to understand your career goals and assess your suitability to our program.
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