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Webinar: How to Break Into Quant Trading/ Research in 2024/2025?

Roles in quantitative trading/ research/ analysis are considered as the future and with salary offers being as high as $200k monthly for summer intern and graduate analyst roles, it’s become a popular choice among ambitious STEM/finance students.

If you are a student/ graduate from STEM or Business programs, this webinar will give you concrete steps (like what work experiences to acquire and how) on breaking into #quantitativetrading #quantitativeanalysis #algotrading and other #quant focused roles.

Learn directly from industry experts like Henry Chan, an experienced Quant Analyst:
Speaker: Mr. Henry Chan
-Founding Partner at Asia Quant Academy
-Past work experience in Credit Suisse algorithmic trading team as Assistant Vice President, Quantitative Analyst and Quantitative Developer
-MStat from University of Hong Kong and Bsc from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

More specifically, below will be covered:
1️⃣Introduction to Quant/Algo trading, the skill you must learn to win in the Post-Covid New Era 
2️⃣Programming Knowledge required to perform Quant/ Algo Trading 
3️⃣Time to learn basic Quan/ Algo Trading!
4️⃣Step by Step Roadmap for people with no prior tech experience/ background to learn Quant/ Algo Trading in 4 months? 
5️⃣Career Path of Professionals with Quant/ Algo knowledge
6️⃣ Real Life Case Study of using Quant/ Algo Knowledge to land a USD200K job as a Fresh Graduate
7️⃣Tips to ace Commonly asked technical questions in the Quant/ Algo Trading interview 
8️⃣Where can you learn Quant/ Algo Trading knowledge and Quant/ Algo Jobs Interview Skills? 


Mean: Zoom 
Webinar Capacity: 100 (First-come, first-served basis)

Reserve your spot NOW  !!

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