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[Zoom Webinar] Comprehensive Guide to Ace Aptitude Tests
and Land Bank MT/ Intern Offers

Guess what? Most top-tier corporate and retail banks like HSBC, Hang Seng Bank, Citibank and Bank of China have started recruiting management trainees and interns for 2023/2024.  But each year, the rivalry for bank MTs or bank interns is getting more intense, and only 10 to 20% of the applicants may pass the initial assessment stages and aptitude tests alone, not to mention the subsequent challenges like assessment centres as well as the panel interview. So how confident are you to clear the apt test and get an offer from your target firm?

Remember that banks use different testing systems. Given up to 80% of the applicants will get rejected based on their apt test result, it is crucial to understand each apt test system, and consistent practice is a MUST so that you don't get rejected too early and miss reaching the interview stages. 


NOW is the time to start familiarising yourself with the special features of popular apt tests. Avoid common pitfalls, understand and hack the scoring system (yes, wrong answers can lead to marks deduction!) and the newer AI-based screening tests.

To save you from more stress, we will organise a webinar: Comprehensive Guide to Ace Aptitude Tests and Land on Bank MT/ Intern Offers.


More specifically, below topics will be covered:

💡 Latest updates of aptitude test systems used by major firms in 2023/24
💡 Overview on major aptitude test system providers, including SHL / CEB, Talent Q, Cut-E, GradACE, CappSystem and personality test etc.
💡 Special focus on gamification and game-based assessment tools (e.g., Skyrise and Pymetrics assessment)
💡 Detailed illustration about the marking system, features, and traps of various apt test systems- and how you can pass them
💡 Demonstration on common types of questions, including verbal, numerical and logical tests


Date: 16th September 2023 (Saturday) 11:00am-12:30pm OR 21st September 2023 (Thursday) 8:00-9:30pm (HKT GMT+8)

Means: Zoom


The webinar is by invitation only. There are limited 100 seats. Register now to reserve your seat!

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