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Thank you for making the right move to invest in your career.
Your career will take up 1/3 of your lifetime and therefore, it's crucial, that you as a university student to build your career early so you can start high after you graduate and have better choices in the years to come. I'm sure your future self will thank you for making this investment.
Scroll down to know more about how our career program will help you to achieve your career goals.

Steven W. Lui

CEO & Co-founder

What to do next...


Fill in the Assessment Form


Attend the program demo & consultation

(You will only need to attend ONE of them)


Enrol officially after our assessment

What our alumnus said...

Student Video - Structuring

So if you’re with HK Careers, I would say it will pretty much guarantee you can get the interviews.

—  Leo, Barclays Sales & Trading Offeree

Our proven formula that worked on 800+ graduates

Bespoke Profile Boost (CV/CL)

You'll attend the CV& CL Consultation to drastically enhance your documents so you can pass screening with ease.

Structured Online Courses (Student Portal)

You'll have access to updated aptitude test database and you'll attend a series of apt test training to pass any apt test system

Career Roadmap Setting

We'll advise your career planning, devise your application strategy and roadmap to maximise success for each application

Weekly Behaviour

 Questions Practice

You'll learn how to tell compelling stories through weekly interview practice. It'll also boost your confidence in interviews.

Weekly Assessment Centre Practice

You'll master Assessment Centre (Business Case, Role Play, Team Game etc.). You'll know to lead and coordinate effectively.

A Series of Industrial / Technical/ Application Trainings

You'll know the industry inside-out and master interview skills through 33 courses. Click to see the modules available.

Access to Interview Question Database & Technical Materials

You'll receive past/ current interview questions for your upcoming interviews and this will help you to effectively prepare for interviews.

Guided Briefing Sessions / Mock Interviews from industry professionals

You'll receive guided briefing recordings/ attend briefings from a designated coach which outlines role-specific insights 


-Job Updates

-Investment Insights

- News Update

You'll keep up-to-date about the current job openings, market insights and breaking news which are essential for job hunting success.

#Interested candidates can purchase aptitude test questions from the test question supplier (Baja) by themselves. The supplier is an independent company and has no affiliation or any legal relationship with the company. 

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So what's the next step?
1. You'll need to submit your CV or LinkedIn Profile in the form below (You can also find it in your email later)
2. After that, you'll be invited to a Career Advising & Program Demo Session.
3. Finally, we'll review your applications based on:
    - Your Academic Background, Work & Other Experiences
    - Your Career Goals
    - Your Language Skills & I.T Skills
    We'll assess whether we're confident in helping you to achieve your                career goals. If so, we'll issue an offer letter to you and you'll then make         the final decision.

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Fill in the Assessment Form


Attend the program demo & consultation

(You will only need to attend ONE of them)


Enrol officially after our assessment

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