Thank you for making the right move to invest in your career.
Your career will take up 1/3 of your lifetime and therefore, it's crucial, that you as a university student to build your career early so you can start high after you graduate and have better choices in the years to come. I'm sure your future self will thank you for making this investment.
Scroll down to know more about how our career program will help you to achieve your career goals.

Steven W. Lui

CEO & Co-founder

What our alumnus said...

Our proven formula that worked on 800+ graduates

Bespoke CV and Cover Letter

Comprehensive Aptitude Test Training & Database

Strategic Career Planning & Roadmap Setting


 Question / CV-based Question Script-refining Practice

Weekly Assessment Centre Practice with 100+ Business Cases

A Series of Industrial / Technical/ Application Trainings

Access to Interview Question Database & Technical Materials

Guided Interview Briefing Session from an industry professional


-Deadline Reminder

-Investment Insights

- News Update

We customise the career program to cater for your needs.

Deluxe Career
Premium Career
VIP Career

Bespoke Profile Boost

- CV/ CL Consultation & Refinement

Roadmap & Strategy Setting

- Consultation

Essential Career Training Courses

- Application & Interview-Prep
- Essential Skill Prep (Apt Test etc.)

- IBank Technical
- IT Technical

Weekly Assessment Centre Prep

- Guided Practices & Business Cases

Weekly Interview Prep

- CV-based and Behavior Question Practice

Weekly Job Update

Weekly News & Investment Update

Aptitude Test Database

- Comprehensive Question Bank

Interview Questions & Sources

- Past / Current Interview Question

Industry Report and Technical Notes

Guided Briefings

- Delivered by a designated coach within the professional industry



WhatsApp Coaching (Q&A)

So what's the next step?
1. You should have received an email from us. You need to send us your CV/ LinkedIn and tell us your career goals.
2. We'll schedule a call to discuss further and assess your suitability for the program.
3. Once we feel we are able to help you, we will set up a kick off meeting for program enrolment.