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Fast track to your high flying career in Investment Banking, Banking, Consulting & Conglomerate

Mentored 2000+ grads since 2014 | 150+ professional coaches | 4500+ Offers across HK, Singapore & London

We help you to get into Investment Banking, Banking ,
Consulting & Conglomerate in

Hong Kong, Singapore and London

Industries Covered in Singapore, Hong Kong and London:

Investment Banking
  • Investment Banking Division
  • Global Market
    (Sales & Trading)
  • Private Banking
  • Asset Management
  • Risk Management
  • Operations
  • Finance
  • Compliance
  • Quant
Banking & Other FIs
Private Equity​
​Venture Capital
​Commercial & Corporate Bank​
Retail Banking & Wealth Management
Digital Banking
Financial Data Provider
Property Developers and Consultancies
IT & Digital Consulting
Management Consulting
Risk and Compliance Advisory
M&A Advisory
Big Four (PwC, Deloitte, EY and KPMG)

The Career Coaching Program will help you to:

successfully find a job
successfully find a job
successfully find a job
successfully find a job
successfully find a job
successfully find a job

Devise an application strategy to maximise your application success in the post-covid era in Hong Kong and Singapore
Shine amongst other 2000+ competitors in interviews/ assessment with exclusive insights from coach-led briefings and mock interviews, interview questions and sources

Earn the virtual internship work experience from London-based Investment Companies
Pass Aptitude/ Written Test with trainings and sample questions and answers

Optimise your CV and Cover Letter so you can pass screening with ease
Master Case Studies and Assessment Centre with weekly practices

Know the industry inside-out and master technical knowledge

successfully find a job

Trusted by 9 Universities in Hong Kong and Singapore | Our Clients Includes:



                                                                                       Featured in 


We've helped 2000+ graduates from 2014 to secure 4500+ offers from 150 Financial Institutions, Conglomerates, and Consulting Firms in Hong Kong, Singapore and London

Our Students Get Results

JP Morgan (Hong Kong) 

Sales & Trading Summer Analyst

"Before super days, for example, I had met with a mentor that actually works in the industry. And it was very helpful to go over any lingering questions about the interviewing process, but also run through any concepts I had questions about"

"So if you’re with HK Careers, I would say it will pretty much guarantee you can get the interviews."

Barclays (London) 

Summer Analyst (Trading)/ Full-time Analyst (Structuring) 

I think the HKCareers coaching is worth the investment because it helps you find the best way to present yourself in front of the employers.
Bank of America (Hong Kong)
FICC Trading
Bain & Company (Singapore)
Management Consulting
I think HKCareers really helped make the difference because I think without their help, I perhaps I may not even have gotten through the application round for Bain.
HSBC (Singapore)
Investment Banking Division
The coaches that I have met and learned from have very, very deep expertise in their fields and are very knowledgeable about current trends and are very approachable, and I could sufficiently clarify any of the doubts that I had during the sessions.

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Who teaches the Career Coaching Program?

We have a team of 150+ industry specialists, who work as associates, managers and VPs in Investment Banks, Banks, Consulting Firms and Conglomerates. They hold mock interviews and briefings for our students.

Industry Specialists from HK, SG, US and UK 

Former Equity Research Product Manager at Jefferies, Mr Ghee (SG)

Sales and Trading (SG)
Jardines (HK)

Former Assistant VP at Credit Suisse (Quant Research & Quant Developer - Algorithmic Trading)

Deals/ Valuation Advisory (HK)
Investment Banking Division (HK)

 Former Corporate Bank RM, Mr Jimmy Ho (HK)

Sales & Trading, Ms Farrah (UK)
Commercial Banking (HK)
Google (USA)

The Career Coaching Program is a success-proven system that has worked for 2000+ graduates for a decade. It gives you tailor-made consultations, coach-led trainings and latest test/ interview tools you need to stand out in interviews and win the offers. You will get unlimited career supports in 4 phrases:

Over 70% of our students received their summer analyst/ MT offers in 5 months.


Transformation Nurturing


Power of Wins

Career Clarity

  • Career Advising & Application Strategies

  • Bespoke CV & Cover Letter Refining

  • Structured Online Courses (Student Portal)

Career Advising

Interview Skills & Knowledge Transformation

  • Weekly Assessment Centre Practice (Business Case Studies/ team games etc.)

  • Weekly Behavior Questions Practice

  • Technical Interview Training

  • Weekly Investment Updates & Immersive Research Report

  • Buddy Program

  • Virtual Intensive Programming Training

 Interview Skills

Application Momentum

  • Weekly Job Update and Weekly News Update

  • Aptitude Test Training & Sample Questions

  • Industry Report & Technical Notes

Aptitude Test Training & Sample Questions

Interview Wins

  • Prior Interview Questions Database & Sources

  • Guided Briefing Sessions/ Mock Interviews by industry specialists

  • Banking and Finance  Virtual Internship Work Experience

Interview Questions Database & Sources
careers coaching

What's in my investment?

The value of starting your career early and on a high note, is tremendous. Careers normally last 1/3rd of our lifetime. Early success as a fresh graduate allows you more career choices and freedom (both financially and professionally) in the future.

It’s worth the investment to dedicate your effort in career planning and development, so you can achieve your potential much before your peers. Use the interview and behavioural skills that we coach you for, to not only fast track to your dream internship/ grad job offers but transition to bigger and better roles throughout your career.

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4 Steps to start your career high!

Careers program
If you want to land your dream job in Hong Kong, Singapore or London in 2024/2025, sign up for career coaching NOW!

Please understand that filling in this form DOES NOT mean that you are automatically enrolled into our program. Our coaching program involves a screening process. 

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