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Proven Formula to Secure Offers in Investment Banking, Banking, Property/ Conglomerate, Advisory/ Consulting

Mentored 800+ grads since 2014 | A team of 37 professional coaches | Countless Track Records

The Program to get into Investment Banking, Banking, Property/ Conglomerate and Advisory/ Consulting

Pass interviews
more easily
Get rid of
job search stress

Our career program will help you to:

Identify the career areas most suitable for you and set the application strategies to secure multiple offers
Optimise your CV and Cover Letter so you can pass screening with ease
Stand out in interviews/ assessment with guided briefings, interview questions and industry reports
​Master Case Studies and Assessment Centre with regular practices
Learn to tell compelling stories in interviews that will impress interviewers
Know the industry inside-out and master technical knowledge
Pass Aptitude Test with trainings and sample questions

Recognised Career Trainer at Major Universities in Hong Kong | Our Clients Includes:


                                                                                                                                                Featured in 

Our career program is useful for:

Investment Banking:


  • Global Market (Sales & Trading)

  • Private Banking

  • Asset Management

  • Risk Management

  • Operations

  • Finance

  • Compliance

Commercial & Corporate Bank

  • Retail Banking & Wealth Management

  • Digital Banking





Property Developers


Property Consultancies



Big Fours

  • Consulting/ Advisory

  • Auditing & Taxation

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We've helped 800+ graduates since 2014 to secure offers from almost all reputed firms that offer Internship and Graduate Schemes and therefore we know their recruitment process inside-out

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What our program alumni said about the program?

Remarks: There's a typo in the video. ABS refers to asset backed securities, not asset bank securities.

Citibank (Hong Kong) 

Full-time Analyst (Corporate Banking) 

“I have signed the contract with JPM few days ago

and rejected BAML.”

Class of 2020

JPM and BAML Global Market Offeree





“Received JPM Verbal offer - credit risk. Thank you for the training”

Class of 2020

JPM Credit Risk Offeree

Learn the most practical interview skills

Master industry & insider trends

Achieve with us

Our career program is supported by 37+ industry specialists who have 3-10 work experiences from below corporations:

We have a team of specialists because we know there is no one single coach who have in-depth knowledge about all positions.

Our proven formulas to achieve your career goals:
  • Roadmap Setting& Application Strategy Formulation

  • Bespoke CV/ Cover Letter Refining

  • Essential Industry and Interview Prep E-Courses

  • Weekly Assessment Centre Practice (Business Case Studies/ Team Game etc.)

  • Weekly Behavior Question Practice

  • Weekly Job Update

  • Weekly News Update

  • Weekly Investment Update

  • Apt Test Sample Questions

  • Updated/ Past Interview Question Database

  • Guided Briefing Sessions/ Mock-ins by industry specialists

"As other candidates could not get these kinds of information (insider information), you will have dominance in the interview." 

Accenture Consulting Offeree

"The coach would tell me what I should be aware of, do some mock questions with me, and tell me the industry trend as well as inform me of the core values and cultures of the company. "

- HSBC Commercial Banking Offeree

"As coaches from HKCareers are experienced, they know how to make your experiences and strongpoints be conspicuous. " -

"The coach will always give us clear guidance telling is what is actually happening in the industry and the  number of headcount" -

MTR Management Associate Offeree

What's in my investment?

The value of starting your career early and on a high note is tremendous. Careers normally take 1/3 of our lifetime. Starting high as a fresh graduate will give you more career choices and freedom (both financially and physically) in the future. It is worth the investment to dedicate your time in career planning and development.

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