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[Zoom Webinar] Master [Latest Hiring Criteria & Screening Process of Bulge Bracket Investment Banks] With An Experienced Former GS Recruiter

All the BB firms (BoA, Barclays, Citigroup, Deutsche Bank, Goldman Sachs, JPM, US BB Bank, & UBS) have well-structured recruitment programs in HK & SG to hire talents for their teams in front, middle, & back office.These BB banks provide professional service coverage across sales & trading, wealth & asset management, DCM and ECM etc. to clients like UHNW individuals, governments, multinational corporations, & institutions. 

We’ve invited Ms. Virna Dio, who has served in the recruitment industry for 10 years, including GS to hold a free webinar. She will give you tips on how to stand out in your 2024/2025 application, leverage your personality & communication skills to excel in an initial recruitment meeting or interview.
From the essential tips, headcount analysis, to making yourself unforgettable to interviewers, you need to plan a fail-proof strategy for landing. 

Join the workshop to understand:
✅An overview of the Bulge Bracket Investment Banks, covering recruitment process highlights, shortlisting criteria, interview tips, prospects and exit opportunities
✅ The latest headcount analysis and recruitment updates of the BB Banks (E.g. 2024/25 Headcount and Recruitment Process) 
✅ Why is BB Bank hiring still lucrative over boutique IBs, smaller fund houses, or private equity firms?  
✅ How to design your unique application strategy based on headcount analysis across banks?
✅ Tactics to differentiate your answers from other students with Interview Questions asked by BB banks (e.g. How to prepare answers for market view, stock pitching questions, valuation questions and product knowledge, etc.)

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