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IB Summer & Graduate Analyst 2024/25 Master Plan:

Latest IB Recruitment Policy & Market Trends

An outdated Investment Bank Application Strategy will leave you behind. We used to say that a university student without a return offer as an intern at iBanks, would never be able to break into Investment Banking. 

But since the 2023 recruitment season, top iBanks' recruitment strategies changed. University students must know these changes to adapt their investment banking game plan for 2024/2025 applications. 

In this webinar, we will share:
1. Latest market trends & 
2. IB up-to-date recruitment strategies are going to affect your IB dreams. Learn with us how to attract IB hiring managers despite low GPA/ No elite Uni brand name/ No investment banking experience. 

Lot’s more insights to be covered in this workshop:
3. Trump the Core Shortlisting Criteria of various roles - Low GPA and no big brand names in your CV? No problem! Use our playbook to still convince hiring managers and get shortlisted 
4. Prioritize your firm options among 1st-tier/ 2nd-tier/ 3rd-tier Investment Blanks to dramatically boost your call back from hiring managers
5. Conquer each stage of the Interview Process of most Investment Banks and Tips to pass through the latest assessments (E.g. Ap Test - which Ap test provider do they use?, Video-in - where can you find the question banks, Technical Interviews and Panel Interviews Tips etc.)

Limited Seats Available.

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