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2024/2025: HireVue Video Interview Complete Guide and Sample Questions

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In recent years, many companies (including HSBC, JP Morgan, MTR, and more) have incorporated video interviews as part of their initial screening process for Management Trainee, Summer Analyst, and Summer Internship Programs. These video interviews aim to select suitable candidates for the next round of selection. What exactly is a Video Interview? How does it differ from traditional interviews? What should you be aware of when dealing with Video Interviews, especially with HireVue? And what questions do HR Managers typically ask during HireVue interviews?

1. What is a Video Interview (HireVue Interview)? How does it differ from traditional interviews?


In a Video Interview, you typically won't interact with a real person. Instead, you will log into the company's system (most commonly HireVue) at a designated time and answer pre-set questions. You will have only one chance to answer, and the entire process will be recorded as a video. The selection process involves both AI and HR personnel reviewing the recorded interviews.


It's worth noting that companies don't solely evaluate your answers; they pay attention to every detail. They observe the interview environment, hardware setup, audio and video quality, personal appearance, demeanor, and even facial expressions. Every move you make in front of the camera is scrutinized and analyzed by the system. In some cases, HR Managers may pre-enter specific keywords or descriptions into the system based on industry background, company culture, and job nature. The AI then tracks the frequency of your mention of these keywords to calculate your personality fit for the company. Therefore, don't underestimate the Video Interview and assume you can take it lightly from the comfort of your home. It presents more challenges compared to traditional interviews, and many people often stumble during this stage without knowing the exact reasons.

   2.Tips for tackling Video Interviews (HireVue Interviews)


  • Test your technical equipment: Before the interview, ensure that your camera, microphone, and internet connection are working properly. Test the video software to ensure everything runs smoothly.

  • Create a professional interview environment: Choose a quiet, tidy, and professional space for the interview. Avoid distracting backgrounds and make sure your surroundings are clean and organized.

  • Position your camera correctly: Place the camera at eye level so that your facial expressions and eye contact can be conveyed effectively.

  • Pay attention to body language: Even though it's a video interview, body language still matters. Maintain an upright posture, use natural gestures, and ensure your body language reflects confidence and professionalism.

  • Dress appropriately: Proper attire can leave a good impression on the interviewer. Choose suitable clothing, avoid overly flashy or inappropriate attire, and demonstrate a professional image and attitude.

  • Pay attention to speech pace and clarity: Speak clearly, fluently, and at an appropriate pace. Raise your voice slightly to ensure that the AI can capture your voice and speech clearly.

  • Prepare in advance: As with traditional interviews, preparation is key. Research the company background and understand the job requirements. Prepare a script for common CV-based questions or behavioral interview questions, and rehearse it until you are familiar with the content. Avoid memorizing answers by rote but aim for a natural and fluent delivery.

  • Practice and record: Generally, each question in a HireVue Interview allows only two to three minutes for a response, and you have only one chance to answer. Make the most of this opportunity by practicing and recording your answers beforehand. When reviewing the recordings, pay attention to your expressions, body language, voice clarity, and ensure your answers are timed accurately to optimize your performance.

  • Maintain eye contact: When answering questions, try to maintain good eye contact by looking directly into the camera. This shows your interest and focus on the position.

  • Manage time effectively: Video interviews usually allocate only 2 to 3 minutes per question for responses. Time your answers accurately to showcase your skills and qualifications within the limited time. Start wrapping up your answers when there are around 10 seconds left.

3. Real Samples of Video Interview/ HireVue Interview Questions 

Question 1: Imagine you joined a team that has different opinions often. How would you connect with your teammates and help the team achieve their goal?


Question 2: What do you think are the challenges and difficulties faced by our company?


Question 3: Tell me an experience where you were a member of a group where teamwork is critical to getting something accomplished. What did you do to contribute to the success of the team, and what was your role?


From the above examples, it is important to incorporate appropriate keywords into your Video Interview Script in order to perform better in the AI scoring system. You can draft your script based on the job description, recruitment event information, company website, or annual reports related to the position. For common CV-based Questions or Behavioral Questions, you may mention your past work experiences, including your observations, accomplishments, and how you applied your learnings in a new work environment. If you are unsure about which keywords or work experiences to include in your interview script, HKCareers can assist you!

HKCareers has successfully helped over 2,000 students from Hong Kong and Singapore secure IB/Banking/Consulting/Conglomerate Offers in the past.

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Offer Letter Sample

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HKCareers has successfully helped over 2,000 students from Hong Kong and Singapore secure IB/Banking/Consulting/Conglomerate Offers in the past.

If you are interested in learning more, you can join the Free Demo and Career Advising Session.

Offer Letter Sample
Offer Letter Sample

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